Untitled 2018 -  Plaster, Pigment, Wax and 22k Gold Leaf on panel by Stacy Nixon - Contemporary Fine Art

I’ve come to understand now that my paintings are not so much compositions as separate spaces. Although two dimensional for the most part they are a space for the viewer to visit. They open up a quiet moment, a place to rest. They are somewhere to come in order to revisit a lost past within oneself, to stir an old memory, to bring the mind to a place of stillness where we can hear our own thoughts again. Deep quiet reflection is something greatly undervalued in our culture at the present moment. It is where we answer our own questions and are able to hear important new ones. It is necessary to keep the heart full.


619-204-1632 — stacy@stacynixonart.com
San Diego CA   Ribera NM