“Sometimes language fails us in our explanations of the secret and mysterious workings of things. I love painting because it never fails me there.”

— S. Nixon

Creating from her ranch in Northern New Mexico and the San Diego backcountry, artist Stacy Nixon explores the magical undercurrent of life and the mystery of the subconscious through her painting and sculptural practice.
“I am not interested in visual reality, I am interested in the way our internal stories shape our lives.”

Artist Statement

My main materials are beeswax, earth pigments, oil, and genuine gold and silver leaf. The visual alchemy of these materials prove to be both timeless and truly contemporary.

I’ve come to understand now that my paintings are not so much compositions as separate spaces. Although two dimensional for the most part they are a space for the viewer to visit. They open up a quiet moment, a place to rest. They are somewhere to come in order to revisit a lost past within oneself, to stir an old memory, to bring the mind to a place of stillness where we can hear our own thoughts again, somewhere to connect with forgotten things.

Deep quiet reflection is something greatly undervalued in our culture at the present moment. It is where truth and beauty lie. It is where we answer our own questions and are able to hear important new ones. It is necessary to keep the heart full.

I often reference intuitive impressions of places and situations. I am not depicting particular spaces or ideas, preferring to lead the viewer into experiencing an internal shift into the vibration of a space. It feels fulfilling and magic to paint this way, so I do. I hope very much that I am able to share that feeling with others.

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